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Postby xiaoming on Mon Aug 07, 2017 12:08 am

Victor Martinez Has No Respect For Pirates - RealGM Wiretap
Victor Martinez said after Tuesday night's loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates in 14 innings that he had no respect for the team's players and coaches.

Martinez specifically named Gerrit Cole Rob Scuderi Kings Jersey , who hit him with a fastball in the ribs an inning after Justin Verlander plunked Starling Marte.

"Yeah, everyone knows that," Martinez said when asked if he thought Cole's pitch was intentional. "I mean, I have no respect for no one on that team, including Cole and their coaching staff. If they think that Verlander hit Marte with a 1-2 count — he was battling that at-bat — if they really think we did it on purpose, they're playing the wrong sport."

The Pirates lead the National League with 44 hit-by-pitches.

"It's just about owning the inner half of the plate," Cole said, about the process of policing the game. "It's just about pitching aggressively."

TML is ubiquitous, it is clean and it works.
And of course being the best mobile web device on the market, the iphone 5 should be a fantastic
HTML email reader, shouldn’t it?
Well, it very nearly is. It does some things really well. It gets the layout, it renders inline graphics,
it’ll even show some background. But what if the text is really wide? It’ll wrap won’t it? No, it won’t.
It’ll shrink the text to fit. It’ll make the text really Peter Budaj Kings Jersey , really small. And you can’t cheat by rotating the
device, making the screen “wider” and the font larger, because the mail client doesn’t support
landscape presentation (why?).
Of course you can zoom in, because it’s HTML, but then you have to scan the whole line, whizzing
across the page to the end of the line, then whizzing back again to get the start of the next line. Oh
2. Task switching
The iPhone is a lovely, clean design. And part of the cool, clean look comes from the absence of
nasty short cut action buttons.
The iPhone has only three buttons on the edges of the device: the onoff button on the top, the
volume updown toggle on the side and the excellent single button mute button above the volume
toggle. That’s it. The only other button on the device is the “home” button on the front, below the
The home button stops whatever application you are engaged on and takes you to the home page
of the device – the pretty page full of icons that start up each application on the device. Good job
it’s pretty, because you see an awful lot of it.
There is no way to jump straight to your calendar, or address book, or email. Apart from the one
“double click” action (user configurable to either select phone favourites or iPod controls), the only
way to start a task is to go back to the home page and up again into the application you want. Find
an interesting URL in an email that you want to look at in Safari? Memorise it well Nic Dowd Kings Jersey , or write it down,
because unless the text has been created as a link you’ll have to go back to the home page, start
Safari, type the URL, realise you’ve got it wrong, press the home button again, start email, open
the email, find the URL … and start again.
Or you could just select the URL and cut and paste it into the browser address bar … except …
1. How on earth do you cut and paste?
Once Xerox had invented the mouse, the GUI and WYSIWYG editing, it was up to Apple to take
that technology and make it affordable with the Lisa and the Mac. And Microsoft to make it
ubiquitous, of course.
One of the joys of using the mouse, or any pointing device, is that it gives you a third dimension as
you move around the page. You aren’t constrained by the line or the word or the paragraph – you
can jump straight to any part of the document. And you can select parts of a document by
dragging over a word, a line Marty Mcsorley Kings Jersey , a paragraph, and do something with it. Like cutting it out. Or copying
it. Or dragging it. It’s normal. That’s just what you do. You don’t have 3 hour seminars and training
courses on using a mouse (or a stylus) to point and select, click and drag. You demonstrate it
once, the student understands and does it.
But the company that helped the mouse escape from the lab and get into the shops seems to
have forgotten all about it. Get out your iPhone. Write a sentence. Write another one. Oops – that
second sentence would make more sense BEFORE the first one. I’ll just cut and paste the
sentence. Oh no you won’t! Because there is no cut and paste on the iPhone. Hear that? No?
Google around a bit and you’ll find dozens of articles on the subject. You’ll find surprise,
indignation, horror. You’ll even find brave Apple gurus explaining sagely that you don’t need cut
and paste because the iPhone gives you more direct ways of using information, like linking URLS,
or detecting phone numbers, or, er, something.
The most likely explanation is that once Apple has decided to do away with the stylus, the only UI
gesture was to use two fingers and drag that over the page to select some text. But that gesture
had already been taken with the excellent pinch zoom movement used on large documents and
web pages.
There is a way out, however. Some very credible proof of concept demonstrations have been put
on the web showing how a sustained point and drag with single finger (like the stylus selection
action in Windows Mobile) would be workable and not conflict with any other screen action on the
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