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Postby xiaoming on Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:38 am

What is Exam results oriented teaching and its impact to society ? What is Exam results oriented teaching and its impact to society ? May 12 Chidobe Awuzie Cowboys Jersey , 2013 | Author: Jane Yang | Posted in Education
Exam result oriented teaching is basically a concept whereby the trainer understands the examination contents really well and takes the students through the coursework, all the whilst holding hisher attention around the idea that the only real target is to make it possible for the individual to obtain superb marks on the examination itself , irregardless of the curriculum contents.

Even though there exists no arguing that this teaching method achieves the purpose of making certain the considerable majority of students will score very well in the examinations, one have to ask yet again – is this the proper method to educate our little children?

In fact, the system that comes with an examination result oriented approach of teaching is setting up a fictitious environment of “easy testing.” This can result in a student who transfers out of this school and into one in which a far more traditional approach is practiced to suffer miserably considering that there exists no more an incredibly concise and clear understanding of exactly what to count on when it comes time for examinations.

Likewise, when a student graduates right from high school and gets into university, if they happen to attend a university, or possibly a course, where by exam result oriented teaching is not really the normal practice Taco Charlton Cowboys Jersey , they’re going to find it invariably a lot more challenging to be successful in that testing environment. Nonetheless, apart from immersing in an exams-oriented teaching environment, pupils can engage in ways to perform well in exams.

Exam outcome oriented teaching creates a false perception of security as well as confidence in one’s life itself. A student that has been put through an examination grades oriented training will not know how to come back if they end up with a misstep on an examination; nor do these people understand how to study diligently for the “unknown” of not really able to assert with certainty that they without a doubt know all the solutions to all of the queries in life – er – to all of the questions that could be on the exam.

When the pros are heavily weighted favorably for the school; for retention of essential funding and for that general ease of the cookie-cutter curriculum that turns into stale and repeatable, the cons are considerably more ominous for our little ones that are not discovering the invaluable competency of the best way to find out on their own, or the best way to study very hard for a thing they want or need to attain.

When these kids enter the workforce and the real world they might find that the utopia they are used to, this overall perception of entitlement, brings with it a nasty epiphany that world is not equitable. That life just isn’t easy. And regrettably, that they are ill-prepared.

This could possibly lead to depression, confusion Sean Lee Cowboys Jersey , in addition to despair. This could cause an otherwise ordinary pupil to function sub-par in their jobs, and hence make a lifelong path of underachieving; only because they were never made clear to during their formative time how to work hard to obtain what they really want, instead of having everything basically handed down to them.

Nevertheless, it is also likely that the self-assurance that was instilled by a somewhat “straightforward” education method will help to give a young adult the self-confidence to be successful in tougher situations. When presented with an unknown variable, they will feel assured that they can tackle it with grace and ease, for the reason that – after all – they have constantly been in a position to perform so.

For that reason, as soon as they enter into the workforce and society as an grownup, they’re a go-getter, because they know they’re now able to succeed. It’s been a proven truth of their whole life up to their adult years that they carry with them during every single challenge they encounter in life.

The jury may very well be out over the real effect to society of examination outcome oriented teaching Cole Beasley Cowboys Jersey , but it is apparent that we are teaching our little ones a lesson – whether or not it is a positive lesson or a unfavorable lesson may not yet be crystal clear.

Jane has been teaching for the last 5 years in Singapore, an exams result oriented society. she writes often in her blog on taking exams such as O levels and PSLE in Singapore.

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