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2009 PHOTOS: Trotros and Public Transportation

2009 PHOTOS: Trotros and Public Transportation

Postby Admin on Sat Apr 09, 2011 6:58 pm

Here's a look at some trotros and other public transportation vehicles in Ghana.

From my personal observation, some of these vehicles date back to the 1970's! Of course, there are also some plush and brand new vehicles amongst the mixed fleet of trotros, buses and taxis which make up Ghana's public transportation rolling stock, but the majority of them are very old and a good number are of extremely questionable road-worthiness.

Buses in Accra. 17 February 2009.

It's evening rush hour time and these buses are making their way through Accra, in search of passengers bound for home and elsewhere.


Inside a particularly dilapidated trotro. 11 March 2009.

As a visitor to Africa from the Caribbean, I've driven in my fair share of trotros in Ghana, but this one takes second place in terms of those which are in the worst condition. The first prize goes to one which was held together inside by rope, though I felt too embarrassed to take any photos of it in case the crew and other passengers saw me doing so.

Here's a view of the side door.


This is a view of the ceiling.


And if you look carefully there was a hole in the floor through which I could see the road!


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