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Translations/Spellings of couple of Ga words?

Translations/Spellings of couple of Ga words?

Postby MadamSteph on Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:43 pm

Hi everyone,

I taught at an orphanage in Nungua for a couple of months, and one of the kids in my class loved trying to teach me various Ga words. I can't remember many now, but I was just wondering what the correct spellings and translations were for a couple I could remember? I tried using the dictionary on the main site but a couple couldn't be found.

The words are one pronounced like "chakka" (which as far as I could tell is a rather rude word she used to describe another kid's picture!) and one said something like "clonchia" which I think means high heels.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, oyiwala doŋ :)
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