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The land of the Ga people stretches along Ghana's Atlantic Ocean coast from their capital at Accra (which is also the capital of Ghana) northwards to the foot of the Akwapim Hills. It is bordered on the west by the river Densu and its eastern boundary is the township of Kpone. The Ga have six traditional towns (original settlements) which are Ga Mashi (Central Accra), Osu (Christiansborg), La (Labadi), Teshi, Nungua and Tema. Each of these towns has several villages founded by Ga farmers, hunters and fishermen.

Ga Mashi

Ga Mashi (Central Accra) is the seat of power of the Ga Mantse (king of the Ga people). It is comprised of seven divisional stools which are Gbese, Asere, Abola, Otublohum, Sempe, Nleshie (Jamestown/Alata) and Akanmaiadze.


Osu (Christiansborg) is a district in central Accra, Ghana, known for its busy commercial, restaurant and nightlife activity.

For food, the most popular spots are Frankie's, El-Lizzy Ent (Container), Osu Food Court, Dynasty, Gauchos, Papaye, Country Kitchen, Favorite Fast Food, and Pizza San Marco. Popular nightlife joints are Tantra, Baze, Don's Place and Makumba. Commercially, Osu is home to Koala, Qwick Pic, Sony Centre and numerous other small merchants. Places off the main road such as the Salad Bar and Venus are places that offer a more Western food diet.

For authentic Ghanaian cuisine head for the Osu night market where local dishes like banku and kenkey (made from corn meal) are cooked freshly and served with assorted grilled fish and prawns, all prepared while you wait. The night market is located off the southern end of Oxford Street.

The main road, Cantonments Road, features large supermarkets and appliance shops and is colloquially known as Oxford Street. At its southern end is Osu Castle, a former Danish colonial fort, which currently houses Ghana's seat of government. Many foreign embassies are located in this area.


La (Labadi)




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